Synergie LUCIDERM (Acid-free Exfoliating Serum)


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Luciderm is a revolutionary acid-free exfoliant. It contains Dermal RX® SRC, a resurfacing and exfoliating oligopeptide derived from yeast and soy bio-fermentation.

This product is 100% acid free and is ideal for everyday use for even the most sensitive and inflamed skin. For the first time, rosacea and eczema sufferers may be able to use an exfoliant without irritation and side effects.

It enhances the skin’s natural enzyme activity to exfoliate, smooth, brighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines and flaking, rough skin. 

This "new way to exfoliate" enables skin to become more lucid and minimizes surface sun damage.

Luciderm is compatible with Retinol Molecular™ (Synergie's Vitamin A serum) and niacinamide (Synergie's Vitamin B serum).


 Dermal RX® SRC

Dermal RX® SRC is an oligopeptide derived from yeast and soy-derived amino acids. This new ingredient enhances the activity of breakdown enzymes in the stratum corneum (outmost layer of the skin) and selectively targets the cornea desmosomes, which link cornea sites together, therefore facilitating their removal. By helping to eliminate old, flaky skin, Dermal RX® SRC efficiently stimulates cell turnover and cell renewal. 

Unlike AHAs (fruit / glycolic acids), its gentle mechanism of action and safety profile make this ingredient ideal as an exfoliant and anti-aging product for even the most sensitive skin. 

Hydropom ™ An antioxidant derived from hydrolyzed tomato skin, a form of Lycopene that is more powerful than green tea in its ability to neutralize free radical damage, which leads to aging and cell destruction.


Terri explains this "new way to exfoliate" available even for inflamed skin with rosacea and eczema:


Apply once a day, AM or PM, prior to moisturizing.
As it is 100% acid free, the Luciderm is compatible with Retinol Molecular™ (Synergie's Vitamin A serum) and niacinamide (Synergie's Vitamin B serum).

The Synergie ' Clean Science™ ' Commitment

 All Synergie products are 100% Australian and free of:

    Parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives
    Artificial colors
    Petroleum by-products or mineral oil
    SLS (or other Sodium Sulphates)
    PEG or Propylene Glycol

Distilled water, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed tomato skin, Yeast extract (bio-fermented), Soy amino acids, Methylpropanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenylpropanol, Betaine, Hydroxyethyl cellulose, Potassium sorbate
Size: 30mL

The Synergie Philosophy

Terri Vinson (BSc. ASCC) is a cosmetic scientist who is committed to formulating
clinical grade skincare products. She has adapted a ‘CLEAN SCIENCE™’ platform whereby all products that are both scientifically effective and free of questionable ingredients. Terri believes the aesthetics industry demands products that are supported by clinical data, biologically active, non-toxic and cosmetically elegant.
Synergie clients can be confident that all products are made with high quality active
ingredients and ethical standards. The Synergie range is simple, easy to use and most importantly - it actually works!
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