Synergie Minerals SECOND SKIN CRUSH (Loose Mineral Powder Foundation with 50% Zinc Oxide)

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Apotheca PURE says:

"A formula with 50% all-natural Zinc Oxide is truly rare on the market! Created to offer the highest level of sun protection from Australia's harsh sun while soothing the skin and covering camouflages on even the most sensitive, inflamed skin. Synergie's technology has allowed these weightless, finely milled pure minerals to give you the right amount of coverage and opacity -- without skin-drying irritants like silicones and talc. You will notice the difference from other mineral powders. Many of you have waited a LONG time for Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals to come to the U.S.. We are so proud to be offering them to you!"

Synergie Second Skin Crush Loose Mineral Powder works like a second skin, a true extension of your skin care routine. A foundation, sunscreen, concealer, anti-inflammatory agent in one product. 

Containing 50% all-natural Zinc Oxide, there are few makeup products on the market offering natural sun protection this high.

These weightless, purest earth loose minerals (non-nanosized) act as your powerful UVA/ UVB sun protection while allowing your skin to breathe and appear luminous with lasting coverage. 

It does not contain potentially harmful silicones (e.g., dimethicone), parabens, bismuth oxychloride, or talc and kaolin (which may dry the skin), additives, artificial coloring or fragrance. 

Ideal as your weightless dry sunscreen for oily, acne-prone skin or for irritated skin following clinical treatments. 

Zinc oxide is also water-resistant and soothing to the skin, reducing inflammation associated with sensitive skin, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea, dermatitis, eczema. Excellent for dry skin types too. 

Synergie Loose Minerals provide either a silky sheer veil of cover with a single layer, or a more opaque ‘photo-shoot’ look with several layers. Remember to always apply minerals in a thin layer. 

The Kabuki brush ensures even coverage (You can find the brush under this page's pull-down menu).


(Optional) To absorb excess oil and reduce shine, you can apply a layer of Shine-Free Mineral Setting Powder (See pull-down menu. Does not contain sunscreen).


A final quick spray with a fine mist such as Synergie Hydrospritz, and the minerals are set for the day. 

The natural mineral sunscreen ingredients sit on top of the skin and reflect the sun's rays like tiny mirrors  (termed "physical sunscreen"), providing broad spectrum sun protection without absorbing into the skin and bloodstream like chemical sunscreens (such as octyl methoxy cinnamate and oxybenzone) which have been shown to be linked to hormone imbalance.  

"Many first time minerals make-up clients find application of Loose Minerals quite different to 'traditional' make-up. It may take a couple of days to perfect the technique but don't give up - the great results and benefits for your skin will be worth the time." - Terri Vinson BSc Dip Ed ASCC (Formulator and Managing Director) 


1. English Rose
2. Porcelain

3. Ivory Beige

4. Light Beige

5. Medium Beige

6. Natural Beige
7. Warm Beige
8. Ultra Deep

Check out Terri's makeup tutorial video showcasing Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals. Terri wears the "Medium Beige" tone: 


Watch Terri talk about the most important makeup product she has ever created*:

50% Zinc Oxide (non-nano), Mica, Magnesium Stearate, Iron Oxide, Glycerin, Lycopodium Clavatum Extract, Imperata Cyclindrica Root Extract, Titanium Dioxide

As a reference, one light layer will offer SPF 15+ broad spectrum (UVA/B) protection. Two layers give maximum protection and are perfect for a day's look.

Always apply minerals with a kabuki brush in thin layers (Please see photos).

1. Open the jar and tap minerals through the sifter into the empty lid. 2 or 3 taps per layer.
2. Firmly push the kabuki brush into the minerals and rotate the brush to distribute the minerals on the brush.
3. Turn the brush up (flat base facing down) and tap base firmly on the bathroom bench or back of your hand 3 times.
4. Polish the minerals into the skin using small, firm, circular buffing motions. Work minerals into the skin quickly and evenly without spending too long on one area of the face.

We recommend applying your Synergie moisturizer prior to the application of Loose Minerals foundation.

*Products appearing in the video are the Australian and overseas version with a SPF indicator on the label. In compliance with U.S. labeling law, products sold in the U.S. does not include the SPF indicator at this time.

The Synergie ' Clean Science™ ' Commitment
All Synergie products are 100% Australian and free of:
    Parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives
    Artificial colors
    Petroleum by-products or mineral oil
    SLS (or other Sodium Sulphates)
    PEG or Propylene Glycol
The Synergie Philosophy
Terri Vinson (BSc. ASCC) is a cosmetic scientist who is committed to formulating clinical grade skincare products. She has adapted a ‘CLEAN SCIENCE™’ platform whereby all products that are both scientifically effective and free of questionable ingredients. Terri believes the aesthetics industry demands products that are supported by clinical data, biologically active, non-toxic and cosmetically elegant. Synergie clients can be confident that all products are made with high quality active ingredients and ethical standards. The Synergie range is simple, easy to use and most importantly - it actually works!
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