Synergie EVAPORE-8 Pore Refining Tonic (Toner)


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EvaPore-8 is a gentle but effective post-cleansing tonic designed to soothe, hydrate and help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and excess shine.

Formulated with Affipore™ (natural Barosma Betulina leaf extract), the plant-based antioxidant, astringent and hydrator ingredients in EvaPore-8 work synergistically for a clearer, more luminous skin and to complement your cleansing routine.

Suitable for: 

• Oily skin
• Enlarged pores
• Blemished skin
• Problem skin

Terri introduces Synergie's first toner product, Evapore-8, designed to complement your cleansing routine:

*Information in manufacturer's videos produced in Australia may contain certain data and findings pursuant to the Australian industry and applicable to Australia only.

Use before Synergie serums and moisturizer. Apply 2-3 pumps to a dry cotton pad. Wipe firmly and evenly over face focusing on oily areas and enlarged pores. 

INGREDIENTS:  Affipore™ (natural Barosma Betulina leaf extract), Hydrolyzed Tomato Skin, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Sodium PCA. 

The Synergie ' Clean Science™ ' Commitment

All Synergie products are 100% Australian and free of:
    Parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives
    Artificial colors
    Petroleum by-products or mineral oil
    SLS (or other Sodium Sulphates)
    PEG or Propylene Glycol

The Synergie Philosophy
Terri Vinson (BSc. ASCC) is a cosmetic scientist who is committed to formulating clinical grade skincare products. She has adapted a ‘CLEAN SCIENCE™’ platform whereby all products that are both scientifically effective and free of questionable ingredients. Terri believes the aesthetics industry demands products that are supported by clinical data, biologically active, non-toxic and cosmetically elegant. Synergie clients can be confident that all products are made with high quality active ingredients and ethical standards. The Synergie range is simple, easy to use and most importantly - it actually works!

Full Ingredients:

Distilled Water, Hamamelis Virginiana Twig Extract, Ethanol, Lactic Acid, Aloe Barbadensis Miller Leaf Powder, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Menthol Crystals.



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