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Botáni’s Rose Whipped Hydra Mask is a relaxing, pampering salon treatment in a jar! Nourishing botanicals combine together in this delicately Rosa Damascena scented, light-as-air mask that revives lifeless skin, leaving you with soft, moisturised, plump skin. An excellent solution for those with dry, dehydrated, combination and mature skin, use Botani’s Rose Whipped Hydra Mask three times per week to keep your skin feeling deeply nourished and plumped.
Native to the Mediterranean, key ingredient Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil is one of nature’s best kept secrets. A natural alternative to mineral oils and silicones, this exquisite active oil is rich in Erucic acid, Omega-3, 6 and 9 Fatty Acids; allowing this silky oil to keep skin soft, supple and protected.
Synergistically blended hydrating actives Betaine (sourced from sugar beet), Olive Oil, Olive Leaf and Olive Squalane ensure the skin in delivered moisture right from the first moment it lands on the skin. High in antioxidants and humectancy properties, moisture is delivered deep into the skin whilst strengthening the skin’s barrier by preventing water loss and the penetration of harmful substances into the skin.

Key Australian Native Mountain Pepperberry contains anthocyanins which are high in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it beautifies dry, mature skin lacking vitality by reinforcing collagen, softening the skin with its natural exfoliating action (AHAs) and by strengthening capillaries, reducing dark circles and puffiness.


• Delicately scented with Rosa Damascena Flower Oil
• Lightly whipped consistency
• Enriched with moisturising actives Betaine, Crambe Absynnica & Olive Oil
• Unique Australian active Native Mountain Pepperberry contains anthocyanins


• Relaxing, calming scent reminiscent of a day spa
• Ultra luxurious to touch; glides over the skin and embraces it with moisture
• High antioxidant and humectant properties; strengthens skin’s barrier
• Reduction in free radicals; reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, strengthens capillaries


Apply a generous amount of the Rose Whipped Hydra Mask onto cleansed skin avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 10-15 minutes, or longer if desired. To remove - wipe gently with a damp cloth or cotton pad, with very soft strokes so as not to disturb the skin. Follow with a Botani moisturiser such as Olive Repair Cream or Boost Balancing Moisturiser. Use three times a week or as desired.
As with all natural products, we recommend a test patch prior to use. 


• Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil provides optimum skin hydration, forming a thin non occlusive film on the skin surface to help minimise the TEWL (trans epidermal water loss) by regulating the hydration levels of the epidermis. It plays a big role in skin suppleness and will leave skin feeling smooth and luscious.

• Rosa Damascena Flower Oil contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, and provides a beautiful, calming yet delicate scent to this mask.

• Australian Native Mountain Pepperberry contains anthocyanin flavonoids which have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, improving collagen and skin texture by acting as a natural AHA. Flavone glycosides are strong antioxidants, scavenging free radicals to protect the skin from premature ageing. Strengthens capillaries and reduces dark circles and puffiness around the eye area.

• Betaine – natural betaine (not synthetic) acts as an osmolyte, a true water carrier that controls water balance and protects cells against osmotic stress. Strengthens skin’s barrier with an added anti-inflammatory affect.

• Olea Europaea Fruit Oil contains three major antioxidants: vitamin E, polyphenols, and phytosterols to help reverse and refresh dry, damaged and tired skin. Repairs cells, prevents cell damage, soothing and healing for the skin. High in linoleic acid, water is prevented from evaporating, locking moisture deep within the skin.

Botáni Is:

  • All Natural • Eco-Friendly • Against Animal Testing
  • 100% pure and organic (where possible) plant extracts and essences.
  • Reusable and recyclable packaging.
  • Produced under good manufacturing practice standards.

Botáni does NOT contain:
• Petrochemicals or Mineral Oils
• Benzoyl Peroxide
• Parabens or Propylene Glycol
• Sulphates or Detergents
• Animal Derived Ingredients
• Synthetic Emulsifiers and Fillers
• Artificial Fragrances or Colourants











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