catalyst carrier, also known as support (support), is one of the components of the supported catalyst. It is the skeleton of the active component of the catalyst. It supports the active component to disperse the active component and increase the strength of the catalyst. But the carrier itself generally does not have catalytic activity.

activated alumina carrier has higher activity and activity stability than similar products, and is more suitable for use under harsh conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high altitude speed and high water-to-gas ratio. White spherical material, made by special process, because of its unique skeleton structure, it has strong affinity with active components. The product has uniform micropore distribution, suitable pore size, large pore volume, high water absorption, low bulk density, good mechanical properties and good stability. Suitable for catalyst carrier. Activated alumina can react with the active components of the catalyst to disperse the active components of the catalyst into the carrier, providing effective specific surface area and suitable pore structure for the active components to improve the thermal stability and antitoxic performance of the catalyst.


Catalyst Carrier