organic solvents play an important role in modern industry and can be used in many fields such as chemical industry, medicine, leather making, metallurgy and electronics. Some applications put forward higher requirements for the purity of organic solvents, so it is necessary to dehydrate and purify organic solvents.

molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate, which is mainly composed of silicon and aluminum connected by oxygen bridge to form an open skeleton structure. In the structure, there are many holes with uniform pore size and holes with neat arrangement and large internal surface area. In addition, it also contains metal ions with lower electricity price and larger ion radius and combined water. Since the water molecules are continuously lost after heating, but the crystal skeleton structure remains unchanged, many cavities of the same size are formed, and the cavities are connected by many micropores of the same diameter, and the material molecules smaller than the pore diameter are adsorbed in the cavity Inside, the molecules larger than the pore channels are excluded, so that the molecules of different sizes and shapes are separated until the effect of the sieve molecules is called molecular sieve.



Organic Solvent Dehydration