all atmospheric air contains a certain amount of water vapor. Now, think of the atmosphere as a giant, slightly damp sponge. If we squeeze the sponge very hard, the absorbed water will drip out. The same situation also occurs when the air is compressed, which means that the concentration of water will increase, and this gaseous water will condense into liquid water. In order to avoid problems in the compressed air system, wet air needs to be treated. This is done using aftercoolers and drying equipment.

desiccants such as silica gel, activated alumina or molecular sieve for adsorption dryer can absorb water and achieve the purpose of removing water from compressed air.

Jiuzhou can require dew point from -20 ℃ to -80 ℃ according to different needs of users, and suggest matching schemes of different adsorbents. It can also provide customers with adsorption and desorption simulation data of adsorbents under different conditions.


Compressed Air Drying