Our Story

The Quest for Non-toxic, Non-irritating, Safer Products for Problem Skin — Our Inception
Bourne out of our founder's lifelong quest combating severe skin disorders, we made it our mission to introduce effective and non-irritating skincare products suitable even for ultra-sensitive or problematic skin. We seek out only products made without questionable and harmful chemicals, preservatives, petroleum by-products, artificial coloring or fragrances to help safeguard your skin health.


Acne, Eczema, Rosacea, and Ultra-Sensitive Skin — Our First-hand Experience — Don't Lose Hope.
From various stages of eczema and psoriasis inflammation to the most severe form of cystic acne, our founder personally persevered through numerous skin ailments since childhood. Through years of torment with countless harsh products and strong medications, she began meticulous research into non-irritating, non-toxic skincare and found Australian skincare quality and formulation most adaptive.  

We understand first-hand what you may be going through. We are here to listen and hope our products can help ease your discomfort and manage your conditions. Please don't give up hope. 


Australian Quality     
Apotheca PURE (A-PURE) is honored to be the first in the U.S. to carry Botani and Synergie Skin from Australia. The products are 100% made and packaged in Australia to strict quality standards, some of which carry the approval of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (T.G.A) - the Australian government regulatory agency that assures ingredient efficacy, safety and stability. 




Our Clean Ingredients Standard — Safety for Your Loved Ones
It is our principle to carry products that are made only of "clean ingredients" and our goal to raise the awareness of the importance of non-toxic skincare. Please check out our Ingredients to Avoid Page, and the full ingredient list or label in each product to see our commitment. 

While numerous studies had found traces of suspected hormone disruptors, irritants, and even carcinogens in commercial over-the-counter products, it is a lesser known fact that products labeled "Natural" or "Organic" may still contain questionable chemical additives and preservatives to facilitate mass production.

We must stop putting bad chemicals on our skin and that of our loved ones, kids, and babies by replacing our skincare regimen with safer products.


We Do Our Research

We believe new product research and discovery extend far beyond the internet, trade fairs or the neighborhood pharmacy. In 2012 and 2013, our team journeyed Down Under to research premium Australian skincare companies.

Thanks to the hospitality of founders Terri Vinson of Synergie Skin and Barbara Filokostas of Botani, we met with researchers, formulators, and toured manufacturing facilities, bringing back with us a wealth of insights on skincare philosophy, principals, innovation, and standards from Australia - widely considered to be most advanced in the area.



A-PURE — Premium Skincare Products of Superior Australian Quality.