Botani Mom & Baby Guide --- Brought to you by Apotheca PURE (USA)



Welcome to your new little bundle of joy. Amongst all the joy of this precious little life that you have been entrusted with, can come some anxieties. You want everything to be perfect and want to make sure that everything that comes into contact with your baby is non-toxic, not just for your baby, but also for the environment. It is a new age and we are all very conscious that taking care of our children, means giving them a safe and healthy world to live in.


At Botani we have taken all this is to consideration and our products meet the highest possible standards. They are safe for your baby's delicate skin and safe for the environment.


The outermost covering of the newborn's skin is the first protective layer against exterior aggressions. It is far more vulnerable and delicate than adult skin as babies have a thinner protective layer comprised of sweat and sebum. Its main function is to protect babies' skin from bacteria and help maintain skin moisturisation and softness.


A Baby's skin is more acidic than adult skin to protect against exposure to bacteria. Newborn skin tends to dehydrate and is quite permeable. This allows any topical applied skincare to be rapidly absorbed, if the ingredients are synthetic this can be quite harmful to baby.


Exposing your baby's skin to astringent, alkaline based solutions disturbs the pH balance, often resulting in dryness and irritation. During the first few years of life it is important to protect and care for the delicate structure of your baby's skin by avoiding the use of harsh, abrasive products which strip it of vital natural oils.


Baby's skin need to be able to breathe to develop. The use of Petrochemicals creams and gels has been show to hinder the skin and the skin's immune system development in neo-natal infants. It is also highly flammable and traps micro-organisms on the skin! ****

Botani products are free of petrochemicals, so you can be assured that with our "100% Botanical" formulations your baby's skin will breathe and develop normally. With Botani's gentle formulations, you can cleanse, moisturise and heal any skin issues that may arise, in complete confidence that you are doing the best for your baby.


Botani and Baby.


Dry skin - A drop of Olive Skin Serum in the bath can help keep baby's delicate skin hydrated. Soap is too harsh and drying. Newborns generally don’t need a cleanser.  However, if you feel you need one you can use either our Olive Soothing Cleanser or PhytoBody Wash, depending on your baby's sensitivity. Use just a little.


Eczema- Olive Hand Cream is an effective treatment for all over use, moisturising delicate skin and assisting in healing skin conditions


Nappy Rash/fungal infections – Phytoseptic, a safe and effective treatment. Olivéne Balm (a natural alternative to petroleum jelly) provides a natural protective barrier to help heal and prevent skin irritations.

Gentle and safe for Pregnancy and Babies


All Botani Products are 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly, Free from Toxic Chemicals and Cruelty Free.  NO SULPHATES, NO PETROCHEMICALS.




Pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time. However it can also be quite daunting trying to make certain that everything you do, every product you use, won't harm your new baby. It is time to make sure that everything is good for you and your baby. 
At Botani, we passionately embrace the concept of being all "natural" with our ingredients being all plant-based. That means we are 100% Botanical. You can rest assured that Botani products are all safe to use during pregnancy. All our ingredients and products are tested and of the highest quality, so we know that when you use Botani products you will enjoy the experience, your skin will glow and your baby will be safe. 
Guide to Botani products during Pregnancy
Dry Skin - during pregnancy skin often extra hydration. Botani Olive Skin Serum is ideal to keep on hand, along with Soothing Facial Mist. You can use them straight from the bottle as a highly concentrated moisturiser on damp skin, or add a drop or two to Boost Balancing Moisturiser. PhytoBody Wash and PhytoBody Lotion will help to keep the body smooth and moisturized.

Acne and blemishes – Skin Rescue Kit, contains 3 products to cleanse treat and moisturise your skin. Purify Facial Cleanser, Acne Rescue Cream and Boost Balancing Moisturiser.


Dry, limp hair- Your hair can suffer during pregnancy, so to give it a hydration boost add a couple of drops of Olive Skin Serum on dry ends.


Stretch Marks- Olive Repair Cream or Olive Skin Serum rub in twice daily


Weak and brittle nails are common during pregnancy. Use Olive Hand Cream and massage around the nail beds. Olivéne Balm is great for strengthening the cuticles


Feet need extra care during pregnancy, soak in warm water, cleanse with PhytoBody Wash or Eco Clear Body Bar, scrub  with Detox Foot Scrub and follow up with Olivéne Balm


Existing skin conditions- Any existing skin conditions could improve or get worse during pregnancy. Use the Botáni products that suit your skin type/condition and use it with confidence knowing that it is good for your skin it is perfectly safe for baby.



Breastfeeding your baby can be one of the most rewarding experiences a Mum can have; but also the most painful.


To care for your breast apply Olivéne Balm after each feed. This will Soothe, help and protect your nipples, helping to prevent cracked nipples or nipple thrush. 


If you these do occur, Botani comes to the rescue with Phytoseptic. It is recommended by many lactation consultants and the Nursing mother's association. Use it after each feed and wash off before the next feed. You don't need to be concerned about the safety of using this product with your baby. If there is any remaining residue on the nipple when you feed, it won't harm baby.


For Cracked Dry Nipples Olive Skin Serum, offers relief and healing, with no concern for baby’s health.  Apply after each feed and as often as you need relief. Olivéne Balm can also be used.