Ingredients to Avoid When Choosing Skincare Products

It is Apotheca PURE's goal to raise the awareness of safer (non-toxic) skincare ingredients and the importance of reading ingredient labels. We encourage you to read the product labels as shown in our product photos. 

Our goal is bourne out of our founder's lifelong quest combating severe skin disorders, often caused by chemical additives and preservatives budgeted to facilitate mass production of commercial over-the-counter products. (Numerous studies have shown potential hormone disruptors, irritants, and even carcinogens in those chemicals - Yikes!) 

We are honored to introduce the SYNERGIE brand from Australia. Harnessing a ‘Clean Science™’ philosophy, all SYNERGIE products are free from any questionable or harmful ingredients. 

SYNERGIE's innovator and formulator, Terri Vinson (BSc. Dip Ed. ASCC), is an avid educator of skincare ingredients and science. Here is her resourceful list of questionable ingredients we should avoid when choosing our skincare products: