A Brief Understanding of The Important Indexes of Adsorbents (below)

loss on ignition
The remaining and regenerated adsorption capacity of the adsorbent is called ignition loss in activated alumina and water content in molecular sieve. Our routine is also called water. The smaller this value, the less water the adsorbent of the same weight, the more active ingredients and the higher the application ability.
Compressive strength analysis
Compressive strength is the strength limit when external pressure is applied, which refers to the hardness of the adsorbent itself. The higher the strength, the stronger the impact resistance, and the less easy to fall powder. In the adsorption work of the suction dryer, it is not easy to crack balls and pulverize due to the impact of air flow.
Wear analysis
The original meaning of abrasion refers to the degree of abrasion of adsorbents when they are impacted by external forces or ground each other. For example, the line standard requires that the wear rate of activated alumina should be less than 0.3%. Generally speaking, the dust of activated alumina is inevitable, but the wear rate of the product is generally around 0.2% at present, which greatly reduces the wear rate of the product to a certain extent.
Bulk density
It is the specific index that we refer to when calculating the purchase volume for our customers. The bulk density measurement method of Jiuzhou is the unit volume mass after filling in the container. For the case where the on-site machine is not filled twice or vibrated, the idle value should be slightly subtracted from the bulk density value, for example, the bulk density of activated alumina is 0.72 g/ml, which can generally be calculated as 0.7 g/ml.




Created on:2022-08-30 10:00
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