Let's Take a Look at The Important Indexes of Adsorbents (above)

Water adsorption can be divided into static water adsorption and dynamic water adsorption.
Static water adsorption represents the water content adsorbed by the adsorbent after reaching dynamic equilibrium under a certain temperature and humidity environment. The performance in the machine is that the static water adsorption value is higher when the working conditions remain unchanged., The better the dew point of the outlet gas.
Dynamic water adsorption refers to the adsorption amount of water in the adsorbent gas flow to the penetration of the bed layer, which is the weight added after reaching the specified dew point when the water in the gas flow is adsorbed. Because of the working conditions, the models are different, and the dew point is also different. But the same as static water adsorption, the higher the value of these two water adsorption, the better the adsorption performance of the product.
Specific surface area analysis
The surface area of the unit mass material is related to the adsorption performance. The larger the specific surface area, the larger the theoretical contact surface with the airflow, so that the adsorption speed is faster and the adsorption is stronger. In the application of the suction dryer, the higher the specific surface of the adsorbent, the larger the airflow contact surface and the lower the dew point. Generally speaking, for every 100 ㎡/g increase in specific surface area, the adsorption rate increases by 5-10% in RH 60% relative environment.
Hole volume analysis
If you look under the microscope, you will find that activated alumina has many micropores, which is one of the important characteristic values of porous structure adsorbents or catalysts. The volume of micropores in the adsorbent is called pore volume, which is the value calculated by saturated adsorption capacity, that is, the volume of adsorbate that the adsorbent can hold, so the larger the pore volume, the better. The pore volume requirement for activated alumina in the row standard is greater than or equal to 0.35cm & sup3;/g.



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