Finished Gas and Adsorbent Selection

dew point, also known as dew point temperature, refers to the temperature at which the gaseous water contained in the air reaches saturation and condenses into liquid water under a fixed air pressure.
The dew point is divided into atmospheric dew point and pressure dew point. The lower the dew point, the drier the finished gas.
In different application fields, the requirements for dew point are also different. Especially in electronic component processing, precision pneumatic, instrumentation, etc., dew point requirements are relatively high.
Our dryer manufacturers will fill with adsorbent products of different proportions according to the demand of finished gas dew point.
When the dew point requirement is relatively high, it needs to be filled in combination, such as activated alumina plus molecular sieve, activated alumina plus molecular sieve plus silica-alumina glue, etc. for combined filling. No matter what kind of filling ratio, choosing the right one is the best!
In addition to the dew point requirements, we also need to comprehensively consider the equipment intake temperature, regeneration temperature, working cycle, working pressure, tank size and other factors to calculate the correct adsorbent ratio.
In the case of low dew point requirements can be directly filled with JZ-K1 activated alumina; However, the requirement for dew point is higher, and combined filling can be carried out, such as combined filling of JZ-K1 and JZ-K2 types of alumina, or combined filling of different types of alumina, molecular sieve or silica-alumina glue.


Created on:2022-07-28 10:00
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