High Temperature in Summer, Pay Attention to The Dryer Due to Blockage of Water

in summer, the temperature is high and the air humidity is high. The carbon steel pipe and gas storage tank of the dryer are easy to rust. Rust is easy to cause blockage of drainage elements and blockage of drainage outlets, which will cause poor drainage. If the accumulated water in the gas storage tank exceeds the position of the air outlet, it will cause water to enter the dryer, and the adsorbent will be damp and pulverized, resulting in "mud" spraying, and the equipment will not operate normally.
If a 50 standard square flow air-cooled air compressor has an exhaust pressure of 0.5MPa and a temperature of 55 ℃ to the storage tank, and the temperature of compressed air such as heat dissipation of the storage tank and pipelines drops to 45 ℃, 24kg of liquid water will be generated in the storage tank per hour and 576kg per day. Therefore, if the drainage system of the storage tank fails, a large amount of water will accumulate in the storage tank.
Therefore, Shanghai Jiuzhou reminds you that in high temperature weather, the drainage elements and gas storage tanks of the dryer should be checked regularly to prevent accumulated water and avoid moisture and pulverization of the adsorbent caused by the inflow of the dryer, thus reducing or even failing the performance of the adsorbent. If accumulated water is found to be cleaned in time, if the adsorbent has been powdered due to moisture, the adsorbent must be replaced in time.




Created on:2022-07-15 10:00
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