Synergie Minerals CONCEALER / BRUISE CONTROL / EYEBRITE (Camouflage for Dark Circles or Brightening)


Synergie Minerals Concealer and Camouflage products contain anti-irritant minerals and botanicals with 16% zinc oxide for natural, high-level UVA/UVB sun protection.

The formula is entirely free of potentially harmful additives and chemicals, artificial colors and fragrance. 

The combination of Zinc Oxide, Argan Oil, Castor Seed Oil and Vitamin E help promote hydration and may help reduce inflammation and prevent scarring. 

Can be used alongside or layered with each other. Great to mix with Synergie Second Skin Crush Loose Minerals or MineralWhip Cream Foundation to create your customized color:

Designed to camouflage general skin imperfections and problem areas such as uneven skin tone and blemishes.
Best applied with the small concealer brush or the camouflage brush for larger areas.
Bruise Control

A yellow-based cover-up for dark circles, post treatment bruises, and pale purple or white scars. For use under foundation. 


Apply with a concealer brush and blend gently. Use under foundation. 

An apricot-tone concealer designed to neutralize under-eye dark circles, the appearance of darkish tone and blood vessels around the eye area and to nurture the delicate skin.  

It can be also be used to brighten and reduce darkish tone near the area at the bridge of the nose.

Apply with a concealer brush and blend / dab gently with the ring (4th) finger. 



Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide

Natural minerals that provide UVA + UVB sun protection and help reduce inflammation. Non-nano particles
Castor Seed Oil
Helps minimize redness and irritation; heal blemishes; reduce scarring and inflammation

Argan Oil

Soothes while providing antioxidizing benefits
Vitamin E
An antioxidant, hydrator and non-comedogenic oil


Watch Terri's tips on how to apply mineral concealers:

See Concealer at 1:27

Bruise Control at 4:08 


Terri describes EyeBrite as the makeup product she "cannot do without".

See this soothing apricot-toned brightener at 5:15 and Terri's tip on applying it to the nose bridge area and lower eyelids (at lash lines):



The Synergie ' Clean Science™ ' Commitment

All Synergie products are 100% Australian and free of:
    Parabens and other potentially harmful preservatives
    Artificial colors
    Petroleum by-products or mineral oil
    SLS (or other Sodium Sulphates)
    PEG or Propylene Glycol


Titanium Dioxide, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Prunus Dulcus (Almond) Oil, Isoamyl Laurate, Euphorbia Cerifa (Candellila Cera) Wax, Capric/Caprylic/Stearic Glycerides, Iron Oxides, D-Alpha-Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Carnauba Wax, Argania Spinosa Kernal (Argan) Oil, Natural Fragrance.

The Synergie Philosophy

Terri Vinson (BSc. ASCC) is a cosmetic scientist who is committed to formulating clinical grade skincare products. She has adapted a ‘CLEAN SCIENCE™’ platform whereby all products that are both scientifically effective and free of questionable ingredients. Terri believes the aesthetics industry demands products that are supported by clinical data, biologically active, non-toxic and cosmetically elegant. Synergie clients can be confident that all products are made with high quality active ingredients and ethical standards. The Synergie range is simple, easy to use and most importantly - it actually works!

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