Evie Beauté

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The name Evie Beauté represents “E” for Energy and “Vie” French for Life and Beauty. 

Evie was born not only out of love and friendship, but also out of necessity.

At its heart is Evie's founder, Natalie Evie, who took matters into her own hands when years of accumulated stress and an unhealthy lifestyle took a marked toll on her skin. There was an abundance of luxury skincare products on the market, but none of which satisfied her needs.

In 2005, Natalie caringly created in her own kitchen the original of her signature Cleansing Oil  – now known as the Perfect 10 Makeup Remover – to share with her celebrity friends as a Christmas gift of love and friendship.

They liked it so much they asked for more – and so the Evie story officially began.

The brand was soon picked up by the prestigious international luxury lifestyle retailer Harvey Nichols and celebrity beauty shops in Asia.

Apotheca Pure USA is honored to be the first in offering this "Little Black Dress of Skincare" line in the United States.
Natalie eventually developed high performance formulations in leading laboratories around the globe to address the root causes of her skincare concerns and genuinely heal the skin.

As an internationally certified life coach, Natalie is a passionate motivator, unwavering optimist, persistent perfectionist, super-mom (and more)  who has created a business of beauty that reflects her values and her abiding passion for life and wellness.

Evie represents confidence, self-discovery, happiness and all things from which true beauty stems from –  a collection of purposeful beauty essentials that are created with nature’s finest, most skin-loving ingredients, highly nutritive active formulations and patented revolutionary technologies – all of uncompromising quality that simply work wonders.

Evie is deeply dedicated to making women’s lives more positive, healthier and more beautiful so that you can effortlessly capture that elusive inner glow.